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The internet has tons of it – pictures of plastic surgery before and after the procedure. Most of the time, the ‘before’ pictures show a less attractive person that transforms into a supermodel as illustrated by the ‘after’ image. However, there are also some who looked okay before but after plastic surgery looked worse. Here, let us discover what happens to plastic surgery before and after the procedure, the in-between or recovery stage.


Plastic surgery before and after the procedure: Before the procedure

If you are thinking about undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, you should be well-informed about the purpose, the risks, and the results of the treatment. Knowing fully what you are getting yourself into is a responsible thing to do to ensure your overall safety and satisfaction.


Plastic surgery before and after the procedure: After the procedure



The healing process

Many plastic surgeons consider this stage of the plastic surgery procedure as the most dissatisfying for the patients. The amount of time a person has to wait for the final results to show, the postoperative symptoms, the fear or uneasiness they feel with regard to the final results, and the activity limitations and helplessness they may experience while waiting for their full recuperation bother almost every plastic surgery patient.


Plastic surgeons should remind their patients about the usual effects of the plastic surgery that they may experience and the estimated amount of time they need to wait before they notice an improvement. These reminders will put their patients at ease and stop them from worrying about their current disposition, allowing them to wait patiently and comfortably until they can finally appreciate the enhancement the procedure made.


The common complications

Let’s be honest; all plastic surgery procedures may encounter difficulties and unwanted medical scenarios, some more serious than the others. Let us be aware of the most common complications present during a plastic surgery procedure so you can talk to your surgeon about it.

  • Hematoma/Bruising
  • Numbness/nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Anaesthesia complications
  • Blood loss
  • Dissatisfaction with the results


Most or all of these complications may be present in your plastic surgery procedure; it is through the expertise of your surgeon and your overall general health that they can be avoided at best. Education about the whole procedure and the things it would entail can generally help you manage your expectations and reduce the risk of these complications mentioned. You must also cooperate and follow your doctor’s advice with regard to lifestyle changes and activity modification to effectively avoid these unwanted situations.

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