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You can see it on TV and the internet; news headlines all over the world tell us that botched plastic surgery can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even celebrities who think that top plastic surgeons perform their plastic surgery procedures can become victims of medical malpractice. Why does it happen and how can we avoid subjecting ourselves to such risk?


Botched plastic surgery: Why does it happen?


Although plastic surgery has been a worldwide-accepted beauty solution for skin and bodily imperfections, there are still risks and complications involved if we are not careful enough. Based on the recent news about failed plastic surgery results, we can only think of one good reason why these things happen – the misconception between plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons.


Plastic surgeon versus cosmetic surgeon


Up to this day, most Australians are still unaware of the difference between a plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon. These two titles are mistakenly used interchangeably, and we should understand how they can be very different.


Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who have had more than ten years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive in nature. They are the experts in this area who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to perform all plastic surgery procedures accurately and safely.


Apparently, the term cosmetic surgeon has been used by any doctor who practices aesthetic procedures without any formal plastic surgery training. In Australia, you can easily coin the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ by just arming yourself with a medical degree.


According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, there should be a national action to end this confusion. There should be an improved regulatory requirement, for cosmetic clinics and doctors alike, to practice plastic surgery.  The inconsistency is not just costing the lives of innocent victims who wanted nothing but to have better versions of themselves; it is also causing unnecessary pain and hassle to patients who would have to suffer the consequences of botched plastic surgery procedures.


Avoiding botched plastic surgery: What to ask before any procedure


There are practical and tried-and-tested ways to avoid getting bad plastic surgery. The easiest way is to ASK. Here are a few questions you need concrete answers before proceeding with any plastic surgery procedure:


  • Why are you doing this procedure? Would it improve your overall quality of life?
  • Who is going to perform the procedure? Is he a registered plastic surgeon?
  • Where is the procedure going to take place? Is it fully equipped to handle emergency cases?
  • How is the procedure going to be performed? How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost? Is it covered by my health insurance?
  • What are the possible risks and complications of the procedure? What happens after the surgery?


The power of correct information can change anything; it can even save lives. Know the ins and outs of the plastic surgery procedure that you are interested in. It never hurt anyone to be extra careful when it comes to undergoing any medical procedure that can have a high potential of changing your life for good.

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