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Plastic Surgery: 


noun. a branch of surgery that focuses on improving the function or appearance of a body part through cosmetic or reconstructive procedures.

– Meriam-Webster Dictionary

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Difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Melbourne is the best choice for all plastic surgery procedures, both cosmetic and reconstructive.

Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery that focuses on aesthetic improvement or physical appearance of a patient’s body part. This may be through surgical or non-surgical approaches.

Reconstructive surgery is another part of plastic surgery that deals with the restoration of a damaged or deformed body part and repair to bring back normal functioning. Although repair may also include physical improvement of a specific body part, its main target is to restore functionality to normal.

Contact Plastic Surgery Melbourne to know more about the following plastic surgery procedures:

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Common Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation/ reduction
Eyelid Surgery
Face lift
Nose lift

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Common Reconstructive Surgery

Skin grafting for Burn
Skin surgery and repair for vascular anomalies (birthmark, nevi, etc.)
Cleft palate or lip repair
Breast reconstruction
Ear defect repair
Hand surgeries from congenital deformity

About Us

At Plastic Surgery Melbourne, safety and satisfaction are two of the most important factors a client is looking for in an outcome in any plastic surgery procedure. We are a team of caring and successful plastic surgeons who believe that all our clients deserve the best care. Plastic Surgery Melbourne is here to assist and support you throughout the whole process to ensure your comfort and safety.

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How much is a plastic surgery procedure?

At Plastic Surgery Melbourne, expenses incurred by availing plastic surgery vary depending on the body part, the extent of repair/improvement needed, the length of hospital stay if needed, and the expertise of the Melbourne surgeon.  The desired result of each Plastic Surgery Melbourne procedure is also a variable that needs to be looked upon. Further discussion with your Plastic Surgery Melbourne surgeon about these things on top of the accumulated cost a plastic surgery procedure will incur is essential so that no element of the procedure will be regrettable afterward.

All you need to know about Plastic Surgery

Risk and Complications of Plastic Surgery

At Plastic Surgery Melbourne, all surgical or nonsurgical plastic surgery procedures entail careful considerations so that risks and complications will be prevented. But sometimes, though extreme care and caution were upheld, untoward risks and complications still arise. Proper education and information, therefore, of the patient should then be advocated so that they may weigh consider everything before pushing through with any plastic surgery procedure.

Here are some of the most common risks and complications that Plastic Surgery Melbourne patients should consider in every plastic surgery procedure:

– Bleeding

– Hematoma/bruising

– Infection

– Scarring

– Damage on surrounding tissue (nerve, blood vessels)

– Anesthesia effects and other complications

– Persistent pain

How to choose the best surgeon

Some people may mistake any Melbourne doctor as someone who is already entitled to perform any plastic surgery, whether reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. What they don’t know is that an extensive and grueling training process is done by licensed Plastic Surgery Melbourne surgeons in order to practice plastic surgery. Moreover, additional years of training and experience are needed to fully attain and become experts ]specializing in cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Melbourne plastic surgeons, as well as other plastic surgeons in Australia should, first and foremost, be members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The title FRACS (Plast) at the end of their names means that they are also Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons specializing in Plastic Surgery. These surgeons have had intensive medical and surgical training in plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Only then will such a surgeon may be called a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

You can expect that all Plastic Surgery Melbourne plastic surgeons have earned these titles and the years of experience it entailed.

Is going abroad for a plastic surgery procedure safe?

Nowadays, numerous advertisements for plastic surgery are found all over the internet. Most can be found promising the best results in a specific span of time for a very affordable price. Some are even located in other countries and the fee may conveniently include your travel expenses and hospital stay. But is it worth it?

Those Melbourne patients who consider undergoing plastic surgery abroad should first think about the worst thing that could happen. If any complication arises after the surgery, how will my surgeon attend to my needs? Will it be easy for me to go to and from the clinic abroad? Will it be safe for me to travel back to my country after the operation? Are my surgeons/ anesthetists allowed to visit my country and monitor my condition in case I won’t be able to travel to their hometown?

At Plastic Surgery Melbourne, we advise our valued Melbourne clients to think twice before buying cheap marketing strategies of other clinics abroad that promises outstanding results. They must first consider worst-case scenarios about a specific procedure and the steps that their chosen clinics abroad are willing to take for them. It will most definitely be safer and less complicated to have your plastic surgery procedure done in your own country in the hands of the best plastic surgeons, like the ones in Plastic Surgery Melbourne.

Are there non-surgical plastic surgery procedures?

Modern advancements in medicine and specifically in the field of plastic surgery gave rise to less-invasive non-surgical options in beauty enhancements. Plastic Surgery Melbourne has acquired all modern technology requirements to perform these surgical innovations and upgrades. These are just some of the different non-surgical plastic surgery approaches available in our Plastic Surgery Melbourne clinic and in the market today.

  • Injectable treatments
  • Cryotherapy
  • Medi-facials and peels
  • Laser and IPL

You can discuss these options with your Plastic Surgery Melbourne plastic surgeon to know more and to determine if these plastic surgery procedures are applicable to you and your situation.

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